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Savvy marketers, looking for long-term brand growth and short-term sales uplift, have been embracing video content for a while. But how do marketing teams bring multiple platforms, different audiences and multiple goals into one stream of work? A well planned, multi-channel video marketing strategy is the place to start.

At Hurricane we answer all the strategic questions, so you can get the results you’re looking for. You don’t need to be into behavioural science, but we’ll always put it at the heart of our thinking on your brief, because behaviour change gives our work a clear purpose.

We create TV ads, social media videos and marketing campaigns that cut through the noise of a busy marketplace. Our in-house planning team understands that all channels need to reflect your brand’s core proposition, vision and tone of voice.  So, whether it’s brand guidelines, a detailed vision and values statement, marketing strategy, or an elaborate archetype, we always start with how you define your brand and create content that reinforces what you stand for.

How we grow brands with video marketing expertise

Hurricane are leaders in the world video marketing, in fact our MD has written one of the core books on the subject of video marketing strategy. As video specialists we have a lot to offer brands of all shapes and sizes.   We work with key stakeholders across your business to develop a plan that meets your goals.  This can be as straight forward as developing a plan on how to launch a single video, or it could be a 12 month, multi platform video marketing strategy that pulls together all your channels (from TV to social. events and print) into one coherent plan.


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Hurricane is a rare agency partner, as we not only offer specialist insights and planning, but our in-house production team can create all the content a brand needs.  That might be an emotive brand video like the ones we’ve made for Cambridge University Press and Huawei, regularly updated hub content such as explainers or social media video and high volume content like “how To” videos and testimonials.

Engaging content has to be backed up by coherent and effective activation plans, and we offer a multi-channel activation strategy that combines video seeding, digital PR and advertising. Whatever the plan, key metrics and marketing objectives help us analyse campaign performance and offer full reporting, so you can always demonstrate value and continuously improve results.

What’s your video marketing strategy?

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