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Powerful Video Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Results

Successful videos marketing for businesses is the result of great campaigns that build on great ideas. It’s not enough to have a beautiful video, it must be launched and seeded in the right way with a thoughtful marketing focus behind it. Video is a powerful tool and, with the right planning and production it delivers change for brands, organisations and charities alike.

Here at Hurricane are experts in video marketing, from planning through to seeding, digital PR and the measurement of ROI.  We’ve been involved in video marketing campaigns for Airbus, Barlcaycard, AXA and more; and we’ve worked in a huge range of sectors from charities to engineering, automotive, retail and pharma and healthcare.

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Video Marketing Content and Strategy

As video content continues to grow in popularity, businesses are realising that video marketing is essential when it comes to marketing strategy. Well crafted marketing videos will not only engage audiences, but will also help to increase conversions. We are experienced in creating video marketing content that cuts through the noise and gets your brand noticed. We can create explainers, 360 degree videos and branded content, plus add our expertise in motion graphics, animation and 3D video.

As a video marketing company, we know that great content alone doesn’t guarantee success. That’s why as part of our service, we help you to form a video strategy which will help you to achieve your brand goals. If your business has different audiences and social media channels, a strategy will be important to ensure that your content is effective and we will help you to find the right approach for your brand.

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