Back to a Good Place for Shelter


Our brief from Shelter was to develop a video strategy to support their static digital campaign, driving donations for the charity’s Christmas fundraising push. We devised a carefully planned combination of video ads and brand content to encourage action through emotional and personal stories.

‘Back to a Good Place’ demonstrates how Shelter’s work transforms lives helping to get ‘the only thing they want this Christmas – a home.’

Three adverts were developed targeted at different audience segments through the experiences of Shelter clients, Sireena, Rhys and Limarra. The videos all share an emotional story arc, where memories of a happy childhood Christmas are interrupted by homelessness – which can be helped by Shelter and donations to the cause.

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The results

The video ads were activated via YouTube pre-rolls, programmatic ads and paid social media. The campaign has been hugely successful in driving donations for the charity. The ad featuring Rhys has already generated almost 1,500 donations.

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