Airbus Picture the Future

Airbus Picture the Future

Corporate video production

Powerful corporate video production can have a massive impact on a brand, especially in the engineering and technology sectors where strong visuals can help distil complex information. We were approached by Airbus Defence & Space to reposition their offering and bring the brand to life. We developed an emotive video that was then seeded with a focused video marketing campaign using digital PR and YouTube advertising.

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3 Awards won
150% Average views increased
15 Featured articles

The results

Results for the video content and marketing campaign have been excellent.  The video has outperformed anything that Airbus Defence & Space have done in the past and attracted substantial visits to their website and YouTube channel.

Bloggers and journalists from all the target markets ran articles on the film and a number of highly valuable relationships with industry figures were built, highlighting how effective motion graphics video content can be for technology and engineering firms.

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