Airbus Picture the Future

Powerful corporate video production can make a massive impact on a brand, especially in the engineering and technology sectors where strong visuals can help distil complex information. We were approached by Airbus Defence & Space to reposition their offering and bring the brand to life.

We developed an emotive video that was then seeded with a focused video marketing campaign using digital PR and YouTube advertising.

If you would like to know more about how we developed this project and the campaign around it, you can read this engineering video case study.

3 Awards won
150% Average views increased
15 Featured articles

The results

Results for the video content and marketing campaign have been excellent.  The video has outperformed anything that Airbus Defence & Space have done in the past and attracted substantial visits to their website and YouTube channel.

Bloggers and journalists from all the target markets ran articles on the film and a number of highly valuable relationships with industry figures were built, highlighting how effective motion graphics video content can be for technology and engineering firms.

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