Motion graphics

Let us tell your story with motion graphics

Motion graphics and animated films are becoming increasingly popular as brands realise the power of video marketing.

Being a full-service video content agency, we can take control of your animation projects from initial concepts and campaign objectives, to character design, storyboarding, animation and rendering. Through a smooth and effective process, we provide results-focused outcomes.

Using our in-house skills, we produce creative motion graphics in 2D or 3D, and make consistently captivating animation films. And after getting to the core of what you want to achieve, we deliver measured results to show your how well the animation is working.

Bring your brand to life with animation

Motion graphics videos and animations work so well because they can communicate complex ideas succinctly with high levels of viewer engagement.

Our hugely successful film for the GSMA did just that. And with our help, ASDA were able to communicate the benefits of their employee savings plan with a character animation. Some of our clients even find that using animation in stereoscopic 3D is the best way to deliver their campaign goals, as with our film for Canon.

Whether your project needs hand-drawn characters, is an ambitious 3D world or a website “How To” film – we won’t just animate your story, we’ll bring it to life.

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