Education marketing and video content

Video content can help your education marketing campaigns stand out in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether you are involved in student recruitment and engagement in schools, Further Education or Higher Education, video marketing can help you reach and engage your audiences.

Your marketing messages can be brought to life with video. The importance of peer-to-peer and alumni advocacy is well-known. Video testimonials can help target prospective students, especially importance for the international marketing sector. Films are also particularly useful to creatively demonstrate the impact of research, which can often be difficult to explain.

We will work closely with your communications team or external agency to pin down the objectives of your education marketing campaign and your target audience ensuring a high ROI on your film.

Our in-house services include planning, creative, production and distribution. It’s not enough to create amazing content. We can help you to get your video seen by the right people where they work and play¬†online.

Using video for education

Our team can also create videos which educate as part of your content marketing campaign. Explainers and ‘how tos’ can distil complex concepts into clear and concise narratives. Such video content can add credibility to your brand, show expertise and build trust with your audience.

We can also offer professional presentation design services and live video streaming to help you make an impression at conferences.

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