The power of emotion in video marketing at #IMWorld [video]

25th October 2018

Recently Jon Mowat, our MD, was invited to join other leading marketing experts as a keynote speaker at IMWorld, a well-noted marketing conference in Romania.

Jon received a warm welcome at the event (voted in the top 3 speakers!) and shared his tips on the power of emotion and how to drive brand engagement with video.

What did participants learn about video marketing?

The talk covered the basics of what you need to know to maximise the power of video and how to add video to your marketing strategy:

  • Why is video the big thing right now?
  • What video does your brand need and when?
  • Why emotion needs to be at the heart of your content
  • How to get your content seen

Harnessing the power of emotion in video

Sit back, grab a brew and watch the video of Jon’s keynote talk here.

Read more about it in Video Marketing Strategy

If you’re interested in finding out more about how video can make a huge impact on your brand, check out Jon’s book “Video Marketing Strategy”. Hurricane readers can benefit from a 20% discount with code VMK20 on Kogan Page’s website.

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