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Video Marketing Keynote Speaker – Jon Mowat

Hurricane MD Jon Mowat has built a solid reputation as a leading video marketing expert and engaging keynote speaker on the marketing event circuit. Building on insights from his 20 years in the industry and honed for his book “Video Marketing Strategy” he brings theory to life with engaging examples and practical exercises.

“Jon Mowat crushed the October digital marketing summit.” YMCA

Jon has been a video marketing keynote speaker at marketing conferences and workshops around Europe, and entertains audiences with an energetic, captivating presentation style. He adapts his content to fit specific audiences and regularly works with marketing directors, brand leaders, social media professionals, internal brand teams and marketing students.

“When it comes to anything related to video and storytelling for your business, Jon knows his stuff! The talks he’s done for General Assembly are engaging and fascinating, with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. It’s been a joy working together with him, and we look forward to many more!”  Lora Schellenberg, Marketing Lead, General Assembly

Jon Mowat at Marketing Week Live

“As a speaker he was dynamic and funny, making the subject exciting with lots of practical tips that business owners could take away and apply. The talk appealed to both those who have done video content and those who had never done any video before which is a tricky balance to strike. It was fantastic!”   Vicky Eldridge, organiser, Aesthetic Medicine North

Bringing Marketing Insight to Events

The marketing world is constantly evolving and Jon’s presentations help audiences stay up to date. He uses relevant key case studies and timely examples.

Here is a summary of the topics he has covered as a video marketing keynote speaker, in recent speaking slots and masterclasses.

1: The power of emotion and video marketing

What happens when we are emotionally engaged in content.  How to chemical reactions inside our brain affect our behaviour and how can marketers can use this insight in what their work?  What are the principles of System 1 and System 2 thinking and how do they apply to video content and improving results?

2. The shape of the digital sales funnel (the old funnel is dead):

Exploring the four key stages of (awareness, consideration,  conversion and retention) examining the key KPIs & metrics for each and how marketers can use this insight to get ahead.

3. Video types and what they add to a marketing strategy. 

How do marketing teams decide which types of video content to create? This talk outlined Hero, Hub, Help, Go categories and what marketers need to know

4.  What is it that makes great content?

Discover the magic formula for content that really works. Using insight from Jons video strategy book, he reveals his winning formula for creating effective video content to improve ROI

5. How to add new video technologies into your marketing strategy

How VR, AR, interactive, personalised and shoppable video can work for your brand.

6. Marketing to Gen Z and Gen Y:

How they think and why adults don’t understand them, and how youth marketers can use this insight to engage with their audiences.

7. Practical steps to build a video marketing strategy.

Brands of all sizes know that video marketing gets results. However, it can be challenging to understand how to integrate video into existing marketing strategies. Jon guides the audience step by step to enable them to create an effective video marketing strategy for their own brand.

Jon’s Highlights as a Video Marketing Speaker

    • Youth Marketing Summit – London
    • Marketing Agencies Association- – London
    • Social Media Week Live – Milan
    • Marketing Week Live – London
    • Online Influence conference – Bristol
    • International Advertising Association Live – Cluj (Romania)
    • B2B Marketing Expo – London
    • B2B Marketing Expo – Manchester
    • Search Engine Summit London
    • Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference, USA
    • Aesthetic Medicine Live – London.

Jon Mowat’s Video Marketing Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jon started his career producing documentaries for the BBC. Now, as MD of award-winning video marketing company, Hurricane Media, he helps businesses to tell their brand stories. This knowledge allows him to share his vast industry insight in a way that sticks, using humour and encouraging participation at video marketing events.  As a result, Jon inspires his audience as well as arming them with practical steps to improve their business, with his formula for effective effective video and content marketing.

A Sample of Published Marketing Articles

As a regular commentator on video strategy and marketing, Jon has written for many online publications, including BIMA, the MAA, Adweek, Marketingprofs, Social Media Today, Techspark and The Marketing Blog.

Available to speak at conferences and, video marketing workshops, Jon is the perfect keynote speaker for video strategy, content marketing, video production, social media, 360 degree video and brand storytelling. He can tailor content to B2B or B2C audiences and cover a wide range of verticals, from telecoms to medical marketing. If you would like to engage an audience with insightful and entertaining content, get in touch with Jon about how he can add value to your event.

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