Real mums’ ‘Labours of Love’ revealed

06th September 2017

The anticipation of bringing a new baby into the world involves a rollercoaster of emotions from fear to joy, and back again. Recently we captured these genuine feelings of new mums, before and after labour, for a new video marketing campaign for C&G Baby Club.

Our partner agency, Prophecy Unlimited, briefed us to produce a film for their client Cow & Gate. The concept took a realistic approach, speaking to women’s fears about labour, but with a positive vibe, reassuring the audience that it’s all worth it in the end. The video ends on the message that whatever happens during labour, once your baby is born, the “hardest day of your life” becomes your happiest.

The video marketing campaign

We managed all the production ensuring that the video maintained Cow & Gate’s brand style. A key challenge for our production team was continuity of styling and setting, as we filmed the women when they were pregnant and then around six weeks later with their new baby. It was vital that everything was exactly the same for the film to work.

The full-length video is embedded on the C&G Baby Club website packed with advice for new parents, with a shorter trailer shared on social media.

There’s been a hugely positive response to the video since its launch. Watch the film now and let us know what you think:

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