Christmas video marketing inspiration of the week – ’tis the season to be selfish

06th December 2013

‘Tis the season for caring and sharing… right? Well, Harvey Nichols’ latest video marketing campaign is designed to appeal to the more selfish instinct of the Christmas retail consumer.


With tongue in cheek, this ad encourages people to treat themselves this festive season rather than their loved ones. It tunes into those moments on Christmas day when you have to smile even though you’ve been given something to be regifted pronto.

The video content is integrated with a hashtag #SpentItOnMyself, social contests, and an in-store range of gifts such as paper clips, Christmas lunch in a tin, and an elastic band gift set! It’s a refreshing take on the season – nicely avoiding sentimentality.

The Dress video ad

Do you remember this retail brand’s video ad from last year? The advert plays on that fear of arriving at an event in the same outfit as someone else (and who – shock, horror – may look better in it that you!) This video ad works because it:

  • reinforces the brand’s quality, high-end values
  • will resonate with their target market
  • uses humour effectively


Which videos have got your attention this week? Do let me know.


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