5 takeaways from our video campaigns of 2014

05th January 2015

To welcome the new year we put together this shiny new showreel to share with you. 2014 was another busy year for Hurricane – blowing up swipe cards, abseiling down the Avon Gorge… just for starters. Our team has grown (hello Juliette, Tom and Jeremy) and together we’ve created marketing campaigns for a diverse range of clients – all with stories which video can effectively bring to life.

As we browsed through our portfolio to make our end-of-year video, a few themes appeared that we thought you would find useful for your next campaign. Here are five takeaways for you in 2015.

The power of storytelling

The power of storytelling in marketing cannot be overstated. We work closely with our clients to get to the essence of their story and then translate that into moving images, which sells their brand to the target audience.

Video can work so well, because sometimes that story is hard to tell in words. If a picture can tell a thousand words, just imagine what video can do. That’s why we’re particularly proud of our pro bono animation for children’s charity, Together for Short Lives. It was a pleasure to help them spread the word about what they do. Watch the video and find out more about how we scripted this film from real stories:

Creatively targeted at your audience

Getting creative for our clients is our passion. We love the challenge of devising an entertaining and engaging storyboard to promote products which may not at first seem… exciting. The audience is always at the heart of what we create, and that’s why we don’t just create films, but advise companies on the importance of video seeding.

We created such as video for our client, leading payments gateway specialist, Creditcall, to help them advertise their services in light of a regulatory change. In the US, stripe cards were being transferred to chip and pin. We created a video to cut through by taking a humorous look at this switchover – in fact we even blow up a credit card to grab attention.

Our short film posed the question, what would happen to all those swipe cards once chip and pin took over. Would they become literary sensations or was it the end of them? The audience was engaged on social media by asking for their most creative use of the plastic card with #swipesareout.

Showing more with video

Video, especially when integrated with social media, can be an effective way to show behind-the-scenes of your brand, adding personality and building trust.

After a series of brand workshops with Michelmores Solicitors, we came up with a video to show that they were “more than solicitors”. The video highlights their history, achievements and expertise globally, but it also reveals their personality and people you would want to do business with.

Watch to see how we emphasised the personality of this brand through video.

Try timelapse

When you have decided to use video as part of your marketing campaign, it is important to think about what kind of video would tell your story in the most effective way. For the construction industry, timelapse can be an ideal way to show the complexity of architectural projects.

Hermes came to us to showcase their new state-of-the-art facility in order to position them as logistics leaders. The timelapse video was used in client presentations illustrating clearly the scale of the project, and the brand used a live stream of the construction to update stakeholders during the build.

Emotion vs fact

How do you use emotion and facts to tell your story through video? This year Jon has been speaking at high-profile conferences, including SES London and Social Media Week Rome, to explain how to use emotion/logic/emotion in video marketing campaigns. The audience needs to be engaged emotionally first, before they will follow your calls to action, and listen to your logical arguments. We help clients to find the motivator for buying their products or services, then turn this into an emotional draw, followed by logical reasons for buying your product and ending on an emotional call to action.

Find out more in Jon’s slideshare presentation about how to engage on multichannels.

We’d love to hear the marketing tips you intend to try out in 2015, and if you’re looking to use video in your marketing plan, get in touch using the details below:

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