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Augmented Reality is now established as a reliable and informative way to engage an audience.  By overlaying the physical world with digital information it communicates with your audience at a multi-sensory level. The use of augmented reality solutions in marketing continues to grow, following the success of AR with mediums such as Snapchat and Pokémon Go. By not replacing the real world with a virtual one, like VR, AR apps offer unique possibilities for businesses in providing an immersive experience.

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As an augmented reality app company, We are experts in creating and delivering AR applications, and can deliver anything from from simple marker based AR apps to integrated experiences, with the ability to map information seamlessly onto a physical object. Whether you need an application for an exhibition or live event, or an AR app that allows customers to try products before buying, we’ll help you bring your ideas to life

We will work with you in the creation of a stunning AR experience from start to finish with delivery on iPad, Android and other mobile platforms.

The video above is an example of our work in augmented reality production. We’ve worked with the GSMA on several projects, and we were tasked with creating an augmented reality solution that would engage visitors at the Mobile World Congress. It’s an example of how augmented reality technology can be effectively used at expos and showcases.

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