Raising awareness on World Hepatitis Day

25th July 2019

As an agency, we thrive on helping global organisations make a real impact on the world. This year we are proud to be working with the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its #WorldHepatitisDay campaign to raise awareness about viral hepatitis.

World Hepatitis Day is on Sunday 28 July, and we’re working with WHO to spread the word about this life-threatening issue. Across the world, 325 million people are living with viral hepatitis, but what makes this a critical problem is that 80% of them do not even know they have the infection. Without testing for the disease, millions of people will continue to suffer and even lose their lives. 

Our marketing campaign

We were briefed by the World Health Organisation’s communications team to create a complete suite of marketing materials that demonstrate the scale of the problem and encourage stakeholders to invest in finding solutions. 

WHO’s campaign is spearheaded by our launch video, aimed at governments and policy-makers to raise awareness and inspire them to invest in testing for and treating the disease.

In addition, our creative team crafted campaign posters, social media content and additional printed media. We created a completely new style, combining strong typographic statistics with bold colours and photography. This striking campaign brings to life the urgent need for investment. 

Spread the word for #WorldHepatitisDay

Please share the video and use the hashtag #worldhepatitisday to help combat this killer infection. 

If need help with a charity or NGO video marketing campaign, we’d love to hear from you.

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