Get real – video testimonials for Costa Coffee

19th September 2017

Costa Coffee relaunched their brand purpose last year, highlighting their coffee, their people and their craft. What better way to do that than by focusing on their talented baristas and what they’re really good at – crafting a perfect cup of coffee. That’s where we came in with a series of hub content videos reinforcing brand purpose, people and craft.

The videos were initially created as Costa Coffee Club loyalty scheme content where the brand revealed their handcrafted coffee skill secrets to exclusive members, reflecting and reinforcing customer preferences as well as demonstrating baristas’ passion and skills.  We were briefed by Costa Digital and CRM agency, Prophecy Unlimited, to create six engaging videos featuring baristas talking straight to camera as a spokesperson for their favourite coffee.

Real-life video testimonials are an effective way to build authenticity for the brand and demonstrate the team’s expertise as they serve up the perfect coffee.

The genuine baristas demonstrate how to craft the drinks, sharing features about the products in a natural way. The Hurricane team worked with Costa staff to put them at ease in front of the camera adding authenticity to the films.

The videos have been a success for the brand with total views currently totalling over 130,000, and almost 30,000 views for the video below featuring Flat White fan, Michael from Costa St Ann’s.

The video demonstrates clearly the craft and quality of the coffee as Michael describes how he creates the florette on the white flat with the flair of an artist.

In the film below, again the focus is on Costa Coffee’s people and craftsmanship; Olivia from Costa Hilton North Park describes her favourite coffee – the Cortado – as a “mini work of art”.

The videos position Costa as the coffee-lovers’ choice as the baristas reveal the craft of making the perfect cup and their knowledge about the beans and techniques.

Costa Coffee’s new brand purpose was also reinforced through a series of adverts featuring comedian Javone Prince playing a motivational speaker. You may not have immediately guessed but the attendees, ready to be inspired with unusual techniques including sitting in a paddling pool of coffee beans, are real-life baristas from the coffee chain furthering the brand’s focus on the strength of their people and their craft.

Now we’re ready for a coffee ourselves. So make yourself a brew and watch one of the two Christmas versions we created after the success of the initial series.

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