We are the generations: using video marketing to drive action on climate change

19th September 2019

As an agency, Hurricane loves working with NGOs on vital issues so we were thrilled to take on IUCN’s latest challenge. This international NGO asked us to create a trailer to promote and raise awareness for its World Conservation Congress 2020 in Marseille, addressing climate change.

The team has already worked with  IUCN on a variety of projects to create video content as well as branding and identity development

The narrative of the video turns around the message that ‘we are the generations’. This provokes the idea that the climate emergency is multi-generational and that we all have a part to play in our future.

We carefully selected a range of striking images of both the natural world and people, paired with a bold script with hard-hitting messages. This was complemented with a dramatic piece of specially composed music to stress the urgency of IUCN’s message.

Watch the video below:

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