In Conversation with the Leaders Council Podcast

09th August 2021

Hurricane MD Jon Mowat spoke recently with the Leaders Council podcast, to discuss how the pandemic has called for creative leadership more than ever, and how the crisis has shaped Hurricane as a business.

Leaders Council features influential directors, CEOs, MPs and other notable leadership figures to explore their unique perspectives within the business community. And Jon was in good company this week, with former Education Secretary Lord David Blunkett sharing his take on events in the last months of the pandemic and his hopes moving forwards.

In his interview, Jon reveals that whilst Hurricane is in a great place post-pandemic, it’s a very different market and there have been more than a few challenges to face which have taken time and effort to overcome. That said, video is in a huge period of growth and it’s an interesting time to navigate.

In the interview Jon explores the mental health impact of COVID on the business and how important it has been to be a dynamic leader and listen to employees to find out their needs and keep morale high.

In Jon’s opinion, there will not be a post-COVID world; even when the virus has gone, it’s impact on the world will be here to stay, but not all of this is negative. One positive change we’ve seen is the recognition of the value of flexible working and remote meetings, which saves lots of time and is better for environmental sustainability – the new challenge is balancing this new efficiency with creativity, leaving time for processing in between calls.

The key thing is making sure the lessons learned in the last year aren’t forgotten and that business leaders implement the learnings into business systems and cultures.

To listen to the interview in full, click here.

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