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02nd February 2013

Ha, here’s a blast from my past I just found on Youtube.  Before setting up a production company here in Bristol I was a Director at the BBC where I directed loads of different things, including this episode of Crafty Tricks of War.  We had great fun building an armoured car and then shooting at it.

The series featured star of Scraphead Challange, Dick Strawbridge as he explored military history and recreated some of it’s craziest machines.  We blew up a lot of stuff, shot stuff, drove armoured cars and made stealth boats… all in a days work for a BBC documentary director.

The trick to the series was combing video archive footage and interviews, with a strong narrative driven by the construction of a machine. My high lights were interviewing a german Uboat commander and meeting some of the men behind the science in the Allied war effort.

This is the first part where we explore the history and science of armoured vehicles…

This is the second part where we get to shoot at the car we just built …

Even better – a bit more searching and I found this one where we looked at disarming car bombs, SFX is always great fun! – Enjoy:

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