Documentary: 'See No Evil' - Europe's Largest Urban Street Art Exhibit Comes To Bristol

Some of the world's leading street artists are set to converge on Bristol this week with the city playing host to Europe's most ambitious street art project, 'See No Evil'. Some of the leading names in international street art will be setting up residency in the currently drab and nondescript Nelson Street, transforming the facades of more than 10 buildings into huge outdoor art exhibits.  

See No Evil BristolMore than 20 of the world's biggest names in street art are getting involved including Inkie, Goldie, Bonzai, Ben Slow, El Mac, Tats Cru, Andy Council, Aryz, Mr Jago, Mysterious Al, Sick Boy, Wow 123, Xenz and Zeus. The world renowned artists will be transforming buildings in Nelson Street and Union Street into some of the largest street art installations in the world, with some buildings featuring 11 storey high artworks. The majority of the artworks are set to remain in place for at least 12 months, and could become permanent features on the Bristol skyline. Some of the buildings set to be transformed include The Royal Bank of Scotland, The Unite Buildings, 9 and 11 Quay Street as well as the juvenile courts.


Visitors are invited to a weekend of activities culminating around the weekend of the 20th August when the street is due to be closed to traffic and Nelson St will be awash with pop-up bars, music, stalls and workshops for aspring grafitti artists. Bristol is one of the world's foremost locations for street art, due in part to the international success of Banksy. The city often attracts internationally known artists who travel to the city to exhibit their art, and many of the artists involved in 'See No Evil' already have well known artworks in the city.


Hurricane Media is delighted to be sponsoring the event and we're working with the organisers to create a number of films to promote the project, as well as recording the impact that 'See No Evil' has on Bristol and the regeneration of Nelson St. We'll be putting together a legacy documentary featuring exclusive interviews with many of the artists involved. We're also working with time lapse specialists Lobster Pictures to capture the transformation of the street and viewers across the world will be able to log in to the live camera feed to follow how the project is progressing day-by-day. You can view the time lapse feed from Nelson St at: Nelson Street Time Lapse

We'll be updating this blog as the project progresses.


For further information on 'See No Evil' view the following links:

The former Sun Alliance building will be the focus of musical activity for the event, with events scheduled for 18th, 19th, and 20th August. Register for tickets here:

The former Sun Alliance building plays host to the musical activities







A Taste of Bristol 2011 (Guestlist now closed)

Crazylegs Takeover at Westgate Building

Block Party Afterparty at Westgate Building

'See No Evil' Website


Bristol Politics article outlining musical line up

Visit Bristol article summarising the event




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