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Stereoscopic 3D

Taking production to a whole new dimension, stereoscopic 3D (or True 3D) can offer exciting new creative possibilities.

The production and delivery of 3D content requires a whole range of specialist skills, and here at Hurricane we can guide you over any creative and technical hurdles to deliver a high quality film that engages your audience across sectors from technology and engineering through to education.

Our 3D experience

We’ve created CGI animations in 3D as well as carried out wide ranging 3D location filming.  We’ve delivered a large 3D project for Canon, which they exhibited at their Paris Expo and a project for CPME that bought recycling to life.

Most recently we’ve completed a large stereoscopic 3D project for the University of Birmingham that showed an engaged live audience of 250 people the latest developments at the university.  This included 3D filming, 3D fly throughs of architecture and stereo 3D motion graphics.

Chat stereo 3D with us

Below is an anaglyph version of our film for Canon.  To watch it you’ll need a pair of anaglyph glasses. If you don’t have any, just get in touch and we’ll send you a pair.

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