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Video content is hitting the streets

Digital signage (also known as narrowcasting, place-based media, digital out-of-home or dooh advertising) is an increasingly popular format for information, advertising and other messaging.

Whatever you want call it, Hurricane can bring it to life. Effective digital signage design relies on great content, and we’re experts at producing engaging media that’s relevant to its surroundings.

Our digital signage work

For insurance brand AXA, we worked alongside E3 Media to deliver an escalator-specific ad that ran on screens across the London Underground network. Learn more about this digital signage campaign.

We also pioneered new concepts for HTC using multiple screens running down an escalator to create a single, connected piece of content. In other locations, big is just plain better. For HTC’s Hero phone we made their digital signage as big as they come, using Transvision screens at major stations all over Central London.

Having delivered to market leaders JC Decaux and CBS, we’ve mastered the many technical specifications and systems associated with digital signage.

How we work

Our extensive experience also includes working closely with large marketing and digital agencies to produce content for mobile phone companies and international financial institutions. From initial creative to final on-site testing – and anything and everything in between – we’ll help every step of the way.

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