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The Hurricane team are experts in 3D video production, creating sophisticated motion graphics to showcase a huge range of pioneering design, from state-of-the-art engineering projects and innovative architecture to futuristic telecoms, retail adverts, and groundbreaking medical devices.  3D animation is perfect for bringing technology to life, capable of detailing intricate procedures and demonstrating the inner workings of complex machinery.

We pride ourselves on producing beautiful films that capture the imagination and have vast experience in transforming complex messaging into engaging visual content, often using video animation to guarantee a superior level of clarity for products that consist of complicated mechanics.

Animated video production is also ideal for presenting data-heavy concepts, using motion graphics to keep viewers interested, helping to improve knowledge retention and avoid information-overload.

3D video production company

As with all forms of video marketing, style over substance never gets results, so we work closely with our clients to ensure that our 3D video animations actually add value to the brand, communicating the right message and contributing towards successful campaigns.

Edwards Pumps came to Hurricane when they wanted to create an engaging 3D animation to form the central backdrop for their presence ‘SEMICON West’ in San Francisco.  Built around the tagline of Enabling Innovation’ our team developed a 3D animation that would take the viewer on a journey through the elements of the earth and human innovation.  We created a rich visual treat that combines 3D animation with archive footage and additional motion graphics. To this, we added a detailed soundscape and rhythm with sound design.

Airbus Defence & Space enlisted our help when looking to reposition their brand, so together we created a thought-provoking video to highlight the power of their satellite systems, showing how customers in different vertical markets are using them to benefit the wider world – protecting the environment, increasing security and developing food supply. The project was a huge success, enhancing our reputation as one of the best 3D production companies in the UK.

Hurricane is the perfect partner for your 3D animation and 3D motion graphics projects, we will tell your story with clear narratives and vivid visuals that deliver the results you’re looking for. Contact us today to find out how we can help drive your brand’s growth

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