360 degree video

360 degree video is the latest immersive experience to capture the imagination of brands and agencies alike. Nothing beats the engagement of 360° video when the audience is placed at the heart of the action. This visually engaging tech has come of age and can be used reliably and cost-effectively at events, in presentations and online.

360 degree video strategy and production

Hurricane now offers full 360 degree video production from strategy to production and event support.  Our filming is based around two different 360° video camera rigs to help meet our clients’ needs: the lightweight GoPro rig and the high spec Nokia OZO that offers live preview and instant playback.

Should your video production require interactivity or viewer choices, our experience in building large-scale Virtual Reality (VR) apps means we can deliver the best technical solution from idea to delivery.

360 degree cameras have been around for a few years, although the adoption of the technology has been hampered by playback. Now the format is supported by YouTube and Facebook, and can be viewed on inexpensive VR headsets such as the Galaxy Gear. This video tech’s time has come.

Interested in 360 degree videos?

Whether you’re an agency or a brand, we offer all the strategy, creative and production experience to deliver results for your clients or business with 360 degree video.

If you would like to see the tech in action, get in touch as we can send relevant links or even come to you with a demo of 360° videos.

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