Promotional video for the hospitality industry

Video is an effective tool for any business message, but it can be particularly powerful for travel and tourism marketing, capturing all manner of exciting experiences and resonating in ways that standalone text and imagery can only dream about.

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Video marketing for the hospitality industry can consist of everything from hotel videos to action-packed adventure trips, giving your audience an opportunity to see exactly what’s on offer, influencing decisions to pack up and book.

When it comes to successful hospitality marketing campaigns, you can rely on our experienced team with clients, including Fred Olsen cruises, Sykes Cottages and a series of marketing films for Saco Apartments. We can help you plan and execute every step of the journey, from storyboarding the initial concept to shooting slick visuals, distributing the final product and getting it seen by the right people with targeted video seeding.

Marketing for the Travel and Tourism Sector

We’re experts at travel video marketing, capturing the essence of a business and helping viewers feel connected to the destination. The creative use of 360-degree video can work wonders when marketing a hotel, while our travel and tourism marketing services extend to promotional videos for restaurants, creative content for cruise liners, TV adverts and brand videos.

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