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Application and software developers spend much of their time thinking about user interface and journey but when it comes to selling apps, how do you show the benefits to prospective clients? A well-crafted app demo video can bring it to life for a potential customer and quickly summarise key features and benefits. This could be the differentiator in the crowded app market.

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App marketing

We’ve created app marketing videos of all shapes and sizes across many different platforms, from iOS to Android and iPad to Nexus. Our real strength lies in being able to convert complex messages and technology into simple and engaging narratives that attract and inform the viewer.

Our videos can include real screen capture, people using the device or a reconstructed interface. The app doesn’t even have to be fully finished when we make the film, so you can have your marketing ready as the system rolls out to the market.

Emotion is key

We believe that the key to a successful app video is to engage on an emotional level. Once viewers feel a positive emotion that your product, app or software will make their life easier, more profitable or raise their profile, it is easy to engage them with further details and close the deal.

Software and app marketing videos can work as a first touch piece to engage with a new audience or as a more detailed run through with someone who is further along the purchasing journey. We can work with you to sit a video at the most effective point in the marketing cycle and develop effective executions that hit your goals.

Marketing apps – our work

Have a look at this software marketing video created for Puppets, a children’s interactive toy.

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