Zynstra Hybrid IT Explainer Animation

Hurricane produces corporate videos that are actually worth watching. We base our films around a 3 step process of Plan, Produce and Activate.

Our video production starts with Planning. This can involve messaging sessions, high-level brand work with our team of strategists or it could be a simple clarification of what’s needed. Above all, we set specific goals for your video campaign so it can be measured, tracked and improved.

With the planning done we move into production which involves creative thinking to develop the most effective output for your needs. In corporate videos, this can often be animation as it allows complex messaging to be put in a simple and engaging way. In this motion graphics video for Zynstra, a cloud computing client, we proved that a technology marketing campaign for a business-to-business audience needn’t be boring and dry. This explainer video’s script and creative treatment shows the concept of the service in a very accessible way using characters and animated landscapes to represent the services and skills that the company provide.

With the video production complete we can help activate the film and get it seen, this can be social media campaigns, media buying for paid campaigns, onsite optimisation or consultancy around how to maximise impact … whatever is needed by the marketing team.

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12 Featured articles
5 weeks Project turnaround
150% Average views increased

The results

The final video has taken up residence, front and centre, on Zynstra's homepage.

Zynstra have used the animation in sales presentations, product launches and outgoing marketing. The video and product have also featured on many well respected cloud computing industry blogs and websites.

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