Holiday Rental Video for Sykes Holiday Cottages

Sykes Cottages are the UK’s leading independent holiday rental agency. In the highly competitive hotel and holiday rental marketplace, they realised that video content would be a great way to cut through the noise and highlight their unique services and offerings. Sykes called on us to develop a complete video brand, which would work across their various product areas and content channels. This video content style would be applied across their social channels from Facebook video to YouTube.

Our video strategy for the holiday brand

We began our hunt for the perfect story for Sykes with a messaging workshop; this enabled us to uncover the brand truths that would resonate with potential customers. We found that a key emotional driver was the desire to spend quality time with family and friends in a ‘home away from home’. The videos needed to tap into that feeling of escape from a busy day to day existence and providing people with a place that they can really appreciate time with their family and friends.

We combined this with other key USPs that separate Sykes from the competition, such as their personalised inspection service and ‘pet friendly’ policy and set about creating a tone of voice and look and feel for everything from animations to live action video.

The video marketing campaign

The campaign launched with two animated videos that would cater first to Sykes rental customers and then to their holiday home owners. The videos were delivered via Facebook and across Sykes YouTube channel, as paid placement and pre-roll adverts.

This initial content push was followed up with a 60 second video highlighting Sykes West Bay properties on the Isle of Wight. Then we added a carefully targeted video, aimed specifically at pet owners, pushing Sykes’ unique ‘pet friendly’ rental policy.

The results

It’s safe to say the videos and TV ad campaigns have been a blinding success to meet Sykes' objectives of increased brand awareness. The holiday company achieved a sizeable increase in organic search traffic as well as strong results from paid campaigns via Google Display Network and pre-roll.

As a result of this effective campaign, Sykes are continuing to work with us on their video marketing content.

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