Peugeot RCZ Launch Video

We worked with Specialist Publications to come up with something eye catching for their client Peugeot, who wanted a launch film for the new RCZ. Light art has been used on car ads, but this film is the first to actually use a genuine light art piece, while the others are CGI additions. The still image of the car surrounded by lights in the film is the result of one very long exposure and painstaking work with torches and light wands by internationally renowned light artist Michael Bosanko.

This film was shot in High Definition in a fully blacked studio to allow Michael to work his magic. We did some motion graphics work to create the fading light trails and developed all the sound design and special effects from scratch before hanging the final result in the view art gallery for the final shot.

30,000+ Video views
500+ Social mentions
6 weeks Project turnaround

The results

The campaign has been built on further by using an interactive player to gather viewing data and to allow visitors to the Peugeot website the ability to easily find out more about the car.

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