Green Economy for UNEP

UNEP’s (UN Environment) mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment. This international NGO approached us with the challenge of creating a content campaign, that would engage seven specific nations to engage and learn more about the ‘Green Economy’.

The video needed to engage the chosen audience with a clear and simple message, to inspire people in these countries to find out more and spread this positive message.

Following several conversations and meetings with the UNEP we engaged in a process of strategic research to assess the audiences in the chosen countries. We found that they were most likely to respond to short form content, distributed via very specific social channels. So a short animation was chosen as the most effective content approach for this campaign.

We worked very closely with the marketing team in Geneva to write a funny and concise script that would hit the mark. Then, along with accomplished UK based illustrator Dave Bain, our creative team developed a colourful, visually engaging storyboard to convey the message.

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The results

The final animation has been presented to a huge audience at UNEP's global conference, with a fantastic response from all delegates. And a targeted social media campaign is scheduled to launch later this year.

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