Defence and Space

The brief

Airbus Defence & Space came to us for help in repositioning their brand.  We created a promotional video and ran a marketing campaign that used an emotionally engaging film to cut through in a technology driven market place.

Not only did the client want to reposition themselves, but they needed to create a conversation around it. We helped them do that with a digital PR campaign conveying the brand and its core services to a specialist audience.

Key to our brief was to hit a number of specific verticals including oil & gas, agriculture, defence and the environment.

Our concept

Airbus Defence & Space has a wide ranging portfolio based on very high resolution satellite imagery.  The marketplace is filled with imagery of satellites, and the conversation has traditionally been around technical specifications and detailed products.  We moved the discussion forward and found a central truth shared by all of Airbus Defence & Space' customers.

Everybody that uses satellite imagery from Airbus Defence & Space needs timely, accurate information in their hands, and they use this information to work towards a better planet for everyone. They use the satellite data to help them develop sustainable reserves of energy, protect the environment, increase security and develop food supply.  We took this idea and represented it graphically with the "data sphere", a glowing mass of data.

We showed how this data sphere was in the users hands when they needed it, but also how it worked across key markets.  The data sphere was created as a 3D model and composited onto footage to create a strong visual narrative.

The campaign

The Content marketing campaign was built on two pillars. Firstly a highly targeted digital PR push aimed at key bloggers and journalists, and secondly a precision YouTube Advertising campaign directed at key viewers, interest groups and search terms.

To increase the likelyhood of journalists and bloggers featuring the article, sector specific press releases were created and followed by outreach work to develop key relationships.

Watch the final video
15 Featured articles
12 weeks Project turnaround
150% Average views increased

The results

Results for the video content and marketing campaign have been excellent. The video has outperformed anything that Airbus Defence & Space have done in the past and attracted substantial visits to their website and You Tube channel.

Bloggers and journalists from all the target markets ran articles on the film and a number of highly valuable relationships with industry figures were built, highlighting how effective video content can be for engineering and technology firms.

As a leading video production company, we’re proud to have worked alongside such an innovative and pioneering organisation.

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