World Cup Blog – Video is a Winner in Content Marketing

05th June 2014

With the World Cup only a kick away, we’re wondering how businesses, large and small, will use the event to gain leverage for their brands. It got me thinking about how the skills that work on the football pitch also work for winning content marketing.


The manager, like any good content marketer, is focused on strategy. How can your brand meet business objectives through content marketing?

With content marketing it is vital that you have a strategy behind your content generation – you need to know what kind of content to create for your target audiences and what you want to achieve. Are you looking to position your brand as the thought leader in your industry? Are you using content to create a defined number of leads?

Once you have clearly defined objectives, you need tactics to help you meet those goals. This could be creating an animated video “how to” which can be used to position your brand as being in the know, and linked to a downloadable white paper as part of a lead generation campaign.

The manager is also responsible for post-match analysis in order to help the team learn from its performance and make improvements to increase the chance of winning next time. The manager can watch the game back again and again to assess the team’s moves, but the marketer has more in-depth stats at his/her disposal. Video views, engagement, shares can all be used to measure success, and assess which methods to continue and which to put on the bench.

Star Strikers

The star strikers are akin to your top content. This is your investment campaign which needs to create a win for your brand. You should ensure that this showstopping content gets seen by as many eyeballs as possible. This is where video seeding is needed on the team. Share this content through your owned channels and build relationships to ensure that blogger outreach and earned PR works effectively. As this content is so important for your brand, it’s advisable to extend the reach through paid media including YouTube ads.


Next up is your creative midfielder. Just like any good marketers, they’re looking to set up opportunities for business goals. The tip here is to find content which can give your brand an opportunity in the market. Is your business doing the same old type of video content as your competitors? Do you need to shake things up with a new approach? Take our Airbus video – we were asked to create something new which did not just show images of what this brand does but to show the impact of what it does. Getting creative could mean looking at new ways to tell your brand’s story.


As a marketing professional, you’re always looking forward to keep up to date with the latest trends and opportunities, but it’s also vital to keep a close eye on your defence. You’ve promoted your content effectively, but now you need to ensure your team is monitoring the reactions to your content.

But the goalie is also reactive and alert to respond quickly, just like marketers. Real-time marketing was the buzzword of the Superbowl earlier this year, and the World Cup will surely follow suite. We’re looking forward to assessing the winners of real-time marketing at this event, especially withVine and Instagram shortform content (and perhaps losers who do not understand the game).

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By Jon Mowat


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