Vine – top 6 tips for 6s videos

06th February 2014

Are you using Vine for your brand? With five tweets per second containing a Vine (according to The 7th Chamber), there’s a potential audience here, so it’s certainly worth thinking about adding to your marketing mix.

To help you get started, here are 6 tips to creating 6 second Vine videos…

1. Short ‘n sweet

You only have 6s to tell your story, so you need to keep your concept simple. In fact the nature of Vine and the time constraints can actually help you hone your creative powers.

We used it as an opportunity to tell our brand story in a neat little showreel.

2. Involve your community

It’s very easy for your community to make their own Vines, so encourage it. Can you think of a fun contest around relevant brand themes or topical events?

Take inspiration from Virgin Mobile USA’s #happyaccidents campaign, where they asked their followers to create Vines around the theme of happy accidents when people are addicted to their mobile phones.

The lines between Vine and traditional advertising are blurring, and the community winners were to be included in the brand’s ad campaign.

3. Plan and react

Vine allows you to create content quickly as a reaction to real-time events. However, you should get ahead of the game by adding Vine content to your editorial calendar. Then you can create content for topical events which will resonate with your audience. Tide was a real winner with their Halloween Vines.

Just as with other forms of video marketing, content is not enough. You need to plan how you are going to get your Vine in front of as many of the relevant audience as possible via key influencers, owned and earned media.

 4. Brand personality

But just because you only have 6s and Vine doesn’t have huge costs, don’t make the mistake of churning them out without thinking how they fit into your brand ethos or contribute your story.

Whatever you create, put your brand values first. Our evolution of the camera Vine fits with our brand (obviously) and allows us to show off a few skills. You can also use Vine to reveal the cheekier side of your brand personality, and it’s a good opportunity to get your team members involved to show behind-the-scenes.

5. What can you offer? 

What can you offer your audience in 6s? We’ve found that our top tips work well, for instance this Vine showing how to coil a cable – it looks rather good and is useful.

When you’re creating Vines, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Why would they share this Vine? Is it useful? Does it make them smile knowingly or laugh out loud? Here’s a Vine we made that runners will appreciate…

6. What’s working?

There is no point creating output that’s not relevant to your audience, so track to ascertain what’s working and what’s not. You also have an opportunity with Vine to test out ideas with your community.

We’ve lots more Vine ideas coming soon, so please take 6s to follow us on Vine today!

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