Video marketing inspiration from Pharrell Williams to St Andrew’s Day

11th November 2013

From innovations in the music video to a pastiche of High School Musical…Read on for my video inspiration of the week.

24 hour music video – Pharrell Williams

Have you tuned into Pharrell Williams’ 24 hour music video for ‘Happy’ at your local time? If you visit you can watch in your time zone or see what’s happening from sunrise to sunset.

24 Hours of Happy acts like a campaign website encouraging social sharing throughout. The video has been shot in different locations around the world and features cameos including Jamie Foxx, Steve Carrell and Magic Johnson.

A 24 hour video is taking longform content to an extreme, but longer content is an interesting development in the micro world of Twitter and Vine, with brands looking to create a niche for themselves, such as the 50 minute Christmas docu-ad for Sainsbury’s.

St Andrew’s Day – video marketing from Scotland

As a Scot, and it’s St Andrew’s Day tomorrow, my attention turned north of the border to check out some Scottish video marketing. Keeping the music focus, I thought I’d take a look at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games marketing efforts.

In the Commonwealth Games campaign, Glasgow is stressing its cultural credentials and the warm welcome visitors can expect. Here’s a video featuring Jim Kerr from Simple Minds chatting about Glasgow’s rich musical heritage. It will be interesting to see if there are any further tie-ins with musicians or artists in the run-up to the Games.

Irn Bru goes all High School Musical

Irn Bru is certainly up there in my affections (along with Scotland’s other national drink of course), and their adverts usually don’t disappoint. They know their target market and use humour to position their brand.

This advert is part of their “Phenomenal” campaign and is a pastiche of teen musicals such as High School Musical or Glee.

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