Top 5 video ads for technology brands

24th July 2015

How do you encourage people to care about your tech brand more than all the others on the market? Many tech businesses, whether in the consumer or B2B sector, still prioritise listing their product specifications. But for technology brand marketing to be effective, this focus needs to change to what will really engage the target audience. People love listening to stories and if you manage to create feelings of happiness, joy, admiration, or surprise, you’ll have their attention.

We’ve picked out five examples of online & TV ads which use storytelling and emotion effectively. Whatever sector you’re working in, read on to get inspired for your next video marketing campaign.

Emotional stories

Google is a tech brand which is well in touch with its human side. Here is a powerful ad for LGBT month, promoting Google’s business services. It’s an interesting reminder to think about engaging the audience before selling. The service is not even mentioned until the end of the advert.

It starts with the story of a transgender man, Jason Wanderling, who shares his transition through YouTube clips (a nice brand mention without being pushy) and interviews. Then it cuts to Hailee Bland Walsh who runs City Gym in Kansas City which is introduced as the place where Jason and other transgender people can feel at home.

This ad tells us an interesting, emotional story, and thus it feels genuine, helping the audience to make a connection with the brand and building trust.

Get into the mind of a child

“The boy who beeps”, an online ad from GE just had to make it in our top five. It follows the early years of a child who seems to have a greater connection with machines than humans. At first his parents are worried about him, but then he starts to use his powers to help by switching the TV channels and putting the electricity back on after a power cut.

Again this ad uses emotional storytelling to simplify the complexity of GE’s work on the industrial internet. This is reinforced in the final strapline: “When you speak the language of industry, the conversation can change the world”.

Why do we have to wait?

Qualcomm, a leader in 3G, 4G and wireless technologies, humanises tech in its latest campaign rather than focusing on particular products. The ad shows what the technology can do for people such as improved healthcare and car safety.

This ad offers a vision of how the brand is improving our present and future. Note that they do not focus on the products but on their brand values; they can add more product focussed ads at different stages of the buying cycle.

Customer focus

A stunt can be an effective way to break through the noise and engage your audience. This online ad from Samsung uses this technique to show the human side of the tech brand. It’s a setup to advertise their new video service for those with hearing impediments. Muharrem is hearing impaired and is filmed going about his daily life where to his surprise everyone he meets understands sign language. Then at the end, it’s revealed to him these people have been planted. Through this simple stunt, the brand shows that they are creating a better experience for their customers.


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