Our latest social video ads drive Gen Z recruitment in higher education

04th December 2018

University marketing teams face huge challenges when attracting new students. With fierce market competition and growing pressure to demonstrate the value of a degree, how can universities cut through to attract Gen Z and raise brand awareness?

Read on to find out how we achieved extended reach for Middlesex University with a bold social ad campaign.

Social video advertising for Middlesex University

Middlesex University asked us to create social video ads to raise awareness about their offering amongst prospective undergraduate students. Which social channels would work most effectively? Our team created three 10-second social videos for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat as well as Facebook. Importantly, although Gen Z may use fewer social channels, they spend longer on them and turn to them for entertainment, not just to interact with friends. (We are Social).

The creative treatment, both disrupted and harnessed the strongest visuals in the university’s branding. The ads led with bold and clear messaging to grab the attention of prospective students on colourful feeds and to encourage them to click/swipe through to the campaign landing page with the strapline “Made for More” and a call to action to “apply now”.

Watch the ads

These three adverts comprise part of the ‘connect’ phase of the wider undergraduate 2019 campaign promoting the university’s practical teaching approach, career-focused courses and its modern London campus. Watch a summary of the videos now:

The video ads worked effectively to meet the objectives of extending brand reach and increasing views as part of the awareness stage of the campaign. YouTube views are at over 125K and counting, Facebook views are at over 80,000, and Instagram at over 10,000, while our campaign achieved a low cost per views with a relevance score of 3, which is a strong result for prospecting videos.

As a result of the success of the social video content, we have been commissioned to repeat the treatment for prospective post-graduate students.

If you’re interested in creating content aimed at the youth market or social video advertising in general, do get in touch.

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