Mobile Phone Videos We Love – 3D Modelling and Animation

17th October 2013

Mobile phone videos are nothing new to us at Hurricane. We’ve done a fair few 3D animations of mobile phones, and we’re always looking around for what other people are doing too.

So read on for some mobile phone videos I love…
Mobile Phone Videos – 3D Modelling

Firstly, on the modelling front it’s worth watching this mobile phone product marketing video. In fact it’s all about amazing modelling. Every shine and polish is shown to the max and this video illustrates what can be done with time and patience.

Produced for Tag Heuer, the 3D modelling here brings the finesse of a high-end timepiece advert to the mobile phone market.

It’s nicely done – take a look.

Stop Frame Animators and Mobile Phone Videos

But with mobile phone ads, it’s more than 3D models. Just look at what the stop frame animators are up to.

Although the opening scene hasnt fot the worlds best acting,  once this video gets going it’s great. You can really see the time, patience and planning, and there are some lovely little details like pull focuses and top shots.

We think you’ll agree – just watch:

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