Meet the team: Jon Mowat, MD and founder of Hurricane Media

03rd November 2014

We thought it was about time that we introduced you to the lovely, creative folk who make up the video marketing team at Hurricane Media.  We will be giving you some background on a new member of the team each month, and as it was my idea, I’m up next …

Name: Jon Mowat

Job role: Hurricane Media MD

What did you do before joining Team Hurricane?

I worked as a director and producer at the BBC making documentaries and fly on the wall films about everything.

Whilst in this role, I travelled the world and filmed cheetahs, royal marines, helicopter rescue, drug addicts and celebrities, and I learnt how to tell a good story and use a camera.

What does your role at Hurricane involve?

Ensuring that we have great relationships with our clients (that’s why over 90% of our customers work with us again within 12 months) and bringing together the best creative team possible.

The best thing about working at Hurricane is…

The variety of the work and the great people that we have on the team.

What would be included in a montage of your best bits so far?

Gambia, Kilimanjaro, 3D film for Canon, smiling faces, happy clients and shiny new cameras.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Macaulay Culkin

Top of current workday playlist:

Hospital records podcasts (not allowed to listen to it without headphones though)

Which creative type (director, filmmaker, artist, musician…) inspires you most and why?

Great Directors of Photography blow my mind, the combination of beautiful lighting, in camera processing and an eye for post production are things that take a life time to master.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Post it notes can remove the scum from the top of badly made cups of tea

Just to keep the tea-drinkers out there happy too, here’s one of our Vine video how tos with a top tip for runners

I love chatting video, so do get in touch:


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