Malnutrition in the UK – Exploring the Facts

24th July 2012

When Hurricane were approached to work on a project about malnutrition, our immediate expectation was that it would involve travelling to a third world country. We were surprised to find out however that this video was specifically aimed at discussing the growing issue of malnutrition in the UK.

Working alongside specialist medical marketing agency Euro RSCG Life Medicom, we developed a presenter-led video concept, which communicates the statistics surrounding malnutrition in the UK.

The presenter of the film Dr Mike Stroud is the former chair of BAPEN, a charitable association that raises awareness on malnutrition, and therefore seemed the perfect choice as lead spokesperson for the issues raised. It’s also not the first time he’s appeared on screen. As an expert on human health under extreme conditions, and former expedition partner to Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Dr Stroud has previously featured in documentaries such as ‘Poles Apart’ and ‘Wilderness Men’ for the BBC.

Once a draft script had been developed we set about working up a storyboard. Our brief was to create an environment for Dr Stroud in which he could interact with the statistics. We made the decision to shoot the entire sequence on green screen, so that we could add the background plates and motion graphics in post production.

Working as a consultant gastroenterologist, our presenter is an incredibly busy man and we knew our window of opportunity for the shoot would be tight, so we spent time developing a detailed shot list and running order to make sure that everything ran smoothly on the day. We weren’t wrong as it transpired that Dr Stroud would only be available for a maximum of 5 hours, not long in shoot terms, especially when we’re expecting perfect delivery on the script plus interaction with graphics that our host can’t actually see.

However between our intensive preparation and Dr Stroud’s calm and extremely measured approach in front of camera, the shoot went off without a hitch. We took an editor and suite along on the day to ensure that we got the best possible green screen key from the footage and brought all the footage back to the Hurricane studio for our animators to add the graphics.

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