Live Streaming of the Forza 4 supercar build at Westfield Shopping Centre

10th October 2011

This week we’re working on a live streaming project of a race car build at Westfield Shopping Centre to promote the new Forza 4 Motorsport Xbox game.

Live streaming of a supercar build

We’ve got CCTV cameras set up at the shopping centre capturing the mechanics progress as the car is put together and we’re also shooting and editing highlights packages from each day of the build. ¬†Viewers are able to vote on each stage of the build, choosing components for their perfect racing car, the vehicle itself will be completed by 14th October when the game is released. ¬†One lucky viewer will even get the chance to win the completed Forza Motorsport 4 GT40 replica. The project offers the chance to witness the birth of a supercar first hand, and excitingly to drive away with it at the end of the project.

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