Jons 2010 favorites

20th December 2010

So it’s nearly the end of term and I thought I’d record my 2010 favourites for posterity. If you’ve missed any of these in 2010 it’s a good chance to catch up and discover some new gems.

Music Video of the year

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust

Skipping never looked so damn cool. Our best guess is it’s gets its filmic look from being shot of the 5D with some judicious use of slight slo mo. It proves that dance music can reflect more than lasers and night clubs.

Track of the year

Kelis – Accappella

Infectious beats and beautiful vocals – she’s come a long way since offering her milk shake to the boys. Kelis has developed from hipster to empowered mother and the tracks on the album reflect that coming of age. Watch the vid in 1080 HD if you can.

Album of the the year

KANO – Method to the Maadness

Viral campaign of the year

Tipp Ex – Shoot the bear

Its run away success speaks for itself.

Stereo 3D film of the year

Despicable Me

I know I’m a sucka for kid based stories but this one left a lump in the throat as a comedy super villain discovers the delights of parenthood .. although they missed out the sleepless nights and being covered in vomit.

Blue ray / DVD of the year

Kick Ass

Well told mix of grit and humour, soaked in sharp lines.

TV ad of the year

Child Friendly

OK it’s actually a banded commercial from Australia but people complained as it made them uncomfortable. Proof that a TVC can make a real emotional impact.

Box set for a desert island

Prison break

Don’t stay at home without it.

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