Halloween video inspiration via Sam Raimi

31st October 2013

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without a horror movie fest. We asked around Hurricane HQ for favourite frighteners. For our Creative Director, John Lanyon, it’s got to be a film from that lord of the tongue-and-cheek horror Sam Raimi.

Read on for John’s favourites and what video marketers can learn from Sam Raimi movies…

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

It may just be a Halloween hoax but rumours that Sam Raimi will direct the Evil Dead IV have got us rather excited this week. For now we’ll have to make do with number 2.

The Evil Dead II saw Bruce Campbell’s Ash subjected to more slapstick gore much to the delight of the audience. Ash, the only survivor from an attack of flesh-possessing spirits is trapped in a cabin in the woods with a group of strangers, as the battle continues.

The sequel had a bigger budget, meaning that Raimi didn’t have to improvise cranes and steadicams. But the film didn’t lose its sense of fun with in-jokes and references (a clawed glove of Freddie Krueger) and good ‘bad’ jokes. One that comes to mind is when Ash’s hand is injured under a pile of books with “A Farewell to Arms” on the top.

Drag Me to Hell 

Drag Me to Hell was a return to Raimi’s horror roots after working on Spiderman blockbusters. Christine, an ambitious loans officer evicts a creepy old woman in attempt to get a promotion. She shouldn’t have done that… That old woman, Mrs Ganush then curses Christine, and she has three days to escape getting dragged to hell.

Expect Raimi’s classic gruesome horror with a sense of humour. Watch out for Mrs Ganush biting Christine but forgetting that she doesn’t have her teeth in!

Video marketing take-aways from Sam Raimi

So what can we learn from Sam Raimi’s movie style?

1. Maximise your assets

From low-budget to summer blockbuster pots of money, Raimi manages to use his resources wisely, without losing creativity. That’s the same with video marketing. By creating video campaigns, we can help organisations of different sizes to maximise their business objectives.

2. Humour

Humour can be a tricky one. Not everyone will find Raimi films funny…(difficult to believe we know). But that’s OK. Your business needs to understand and target their audience. You might think that humour wouldn’t work for a financial services company, but see how we helped Barclaycard to use it to their advantage.

3. Love what you do

Whether you love or hate Raimi movies, it’s clear that he’s a horror movie fan too and knows his oeuvre inside out. Content marketing is a chance for you to bring the personality of your brand alive and show your audience that you love your product and they should too.

Which movie will you be watching this Halloween?

Watch out for more Halloween favourites from Dan tomorrow…

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