Gone in 6.0 secs – 5 auto brands that are #winning on Vine

03rd September 2014

Since it was launched in January 2013, Vine has become a hugely popular social media video sharing app, with approximately five vines tweeted every second.

Vine’s appeal is simple, short and sweet six second clips which play on a loop and offer wannabe filmmakers the chance to experiment with witty one liners, stop-frame animation and creative cutaways, all in an easy-to-shoot and share format.

Not surprisingly then, Vine has attracted a lot of attention from advertisers who see it as an opportunity to show their products in a more playful and personable light.  Automotive brands in particular do very well on Vine, perhaps because of the product’s aspirational and visual qualities.

Previously, we have explored some of the visual elements of automotive video marketing, but for brands looking to boost their social shares quickly, (with some figures suggesting that Vines are four times more likely to be shared than youtube ads) Vine offers a low-cost advertising solution with a lot of creative potential.

Here is a round-up of five of our favourite Vine videos from the automotive industry.


One route to a successful vine campaign is to engage in a conversation that is all ready happening.  And that is just what VW did during Shark Week.   Shark Week programming airs on the Discovery Channel and is now on its 26th season in the U.S and has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon, with millions of viewers tuning in across the world. Volkswagen, typically a brand associated with surfers and outdoorsy types, decided to take the opportunity to run a Vine campaign alongside Shark Week and created a series of stop-frame animation vines featuring shots of their latest convertible model and some comic-book style shark and aquatic illustrations. This vine in particular has gained over 42,000 loops (plays).  Find out more about how Hurricane Media can use stop-motion animation to build your brand’s reputation here.


Since Vine’s conception, car manufacturers Ford have taken a keen interest in making their products appeal to Vine users, making #winning vine after #winning Vine. Some videos feature short gags (like the car ‘disappearing’ vine above) or stop-frame animation clips. All of the Ford Vines share a certain accessibility about them, like anyone could recreate them at home. And Ford are certainly benefitting from their light-hearted and humanistic touch, gaining 34,000 unique Vine subscribers.



Last year, Nissan launched a competition to promote their latest car by giving Vine subscribers the chance to test their stop-frame animation skills. On their website they put up a printable paper template of the Versa Note car and under the hashtag #VersaVid, entrants were asked to make Vines of the model on various little adventures. The ‘Your Door to More’ competition attracted a lot of creative entries and even captured the imaginations of the guys over at Mashable, who gave it a go themselves.


American car manufacturers Buick brought in the help of Zach King for their best series of Vines. King is somewhat of a Vine celebrity and is famed for his magic trick videos. These clips feature some clever camerawork and trickery to create the appearance that the Buick can pull off some wicked basketball trick shots, under the hashtag #thebuikzone. The episodic nature of this Vine series and the recognisable face are other factors which attract followers and increases social shares.

Ford Europe

As mentioned previously, Ford is really at the top of their Vine game and the folks over at their European headquarters are no exception. In this Vine for their 2015 Mustang, they turn one man’s fantasy of becoming a sexy Ryan Gosling type on its head and show viewers that it all was just a silly dream. Ford Europe here manages to balance the sleek, slow-motion shots of the Mustang with a humorous and self-deprecating punchline. A Vine clip that could easily go viral.

Which Automotive Brand Vines do you think give the most impact in just six seconds? Let us know your thoughts.

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