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05th July 2020

With social distancing measures likely to remain in place in the UK until at least December, Higher Education is under pressure and there has never been a more important time for institutions to focus on their brand content and get their education marketing spot on.

University Marketing teams have to overcome the problems of limited attendance at open days as well as increasing competition on key search terms. More students than ever will engage with potential Universities and Colleges on social media platforms and providing engaging and informative content at the right time is vital to increase reach and persuade potential students to enrol.

But what are the best ways to use video marketing to reach new students? How can you effectively communicate your message, whilst engaging with future students on an emotional level? Two core factors are to cut messaging back to its fundamental ingredients to make sure it cuts through on social, and to leverage the emotional drivers of the audience to ensure results.

Highly targeted messaging

At Hurricane, we have a solid track record of producing university recruitment videos and marketing for the higher education sector. Our recent education video marketing campaign for Middlesex University leveraged social video platforms (Instagram and Snapchat) to reach new students with short, punchy and engaging video ads. The key to the success of the video production and campaign was bold, punchy messaging that directly reflected the University’s brand and a very clear call to action. The creative treatment combined a succinct script with existing archive and motion graphics to boost engagement with Middlesex’s enrolment platforms.

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The versatility of motion graphics driven marketing films allows your content to be re-worked for different audiences across your education marketing funnel. Middlesex’s team used our flexible treatment to target both under-grad and post-grad students with different versions of the ads used to create different messaging around places and people. Simply re-working the script, visuals and music within the same structure allowed us to create effective targeted ads at volume.

Careers focused version

Why Middlesex University? version

Connecting with Emotion

Connecting with future students on an emotional level is vital to inspire them to choose your courses over another institution. They have to know that you understand them, and to make them believe that you will deliver them the future they are looking for. Emotive storytelling can move your education marketing into a new space and add depth and feeling to your offering.

We did just that for Cambridge University Press in this brand film for their ‘Better Learning’ range of courses and teaching tools. Our film places the students centre stage, following them on an emotional journey as education takes them to the careers of their dreams.

Challenging times can inspire us to rethink and re-engage with our audience in innovative new ways. This is the perfect time to refresh your content and meet the challenge head-on.

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