Asian Food Channel: Great Dinners of the World

16th December 2011

Hurricane’s hard work paid off when Asian Food Channel broadcast production ‘Great Dinners of the world’ aired its first episode on the 13th December. The show will be shown across seven different countries and watched by a reported 30 million+ viewers.

We took care of all European production on this brand new 6 part cooking programme providing: complete production co-ordination, camera crew, location edit, make-up, sound and logistics. It was a whirlwind ride through some of Scotland and Frances finest regions, over nearly 4 weeks on tour with the 4 Asian chefs.

Due to the tight turnaround time for the series the shoot required us to run 2 onsite edit suites at every location, cutting the episodes in parallel to the footage being shot by the crew. We were in close contact with our counterparts in Singapore throughout both the shoot and pre-production to ensure everything ran smoothly.  It was a high pressure working environment but our team dealt with everything that the Scottish weather and French traffic had to throw at them and the results look fantastic.

To find out more about the production and where you can watch, visit the AFC website, and get in touch to discuss how we can help promote your hospitality business with video content.


In the mean time here is a teaser trailer to whet your appetite:

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