Aesthetic medical video marketing: are you ready for your close-up?

26th August 2016

Looking better than your competitors has never been more important in the aesthetic medical market. In the UK, cosmetic interventions are now worth £3.6 billion with 90% of them being non-surgical, and with a growing ageing population desiring to stay youthful for longer, there are huge opportunities here.

But with this increased competition, businesses need to up their marketing game to cut through. The power of video to show rather than tell, can really help your brand stand out in the crowd, widen your reach and engagement, both organically and through paid content.

In this blog, we’re focusing on the B2C market, offering ideas for video content to let your aesthetic medical business look its best.

Know your audience

As with any marketing campaign, it is vital that you know who your audience is. Who are you targeting? Aim at one audience with a piece of content – if you aim at too many people at once, you’ll hit no-one.

Then identify what your audience segments are looking for; why they should choose you, and what motivates them to seek out your services. Aesthetic medical consumers seek competence, expertise, information about procedures and their options, effective results and aftercare. Their motivators will include: to look and feel younger and more vibrant, peer group status, fear of missing out (FOMO) on a new treatment, and to have the confidence to achieve another goal in their life.

A safe pair of hands

Your audience want to feel reassured that your clinic and team have the necessary expertise and qualifications to conduct the treatment safely. Video is an effective way to build brand trust and develop a relationship with your clients.

A promotional corporate video can work here to show your customers your expertise in action and inspire them to pick your business rather than a competitor. This kind of film comes at the top of the buying cycle, and can be used on your website, at exhibitions, sales meetings and the waiting room at your clinic. Usually it has high production values, and we would advise condensing your messages to under 2 minutes.

As well as your top level brand film, you can back up your message with Q and As with your team or answer frequently asked questions in a series of films. In addition, short video tips, for instance focusing on aftercare, help to build your authority and can be shared via your social media channels.

What is the treatment?

A video with a talking heads expert explaining the procedure could be shared with your clients pre-treatment in order to build trust and their understanding in your techniques. If the treatment is complex and difficult to explain, a medical animation could help to bring the procedure to life, demonstrating how it works, and immersing the viewer in the experience so that they have an increased awareness of what’s involved, and ultimately feel reassured.

Video testimonials

Video testimonials are a powerful way to show your treatment or service in action. Here’s an example of a customer story:

Video case studies are really useful towards the end of the sales cycle where prospects are looking for reassurance that your service will cater for their needs more effectively than all the rest.

Medical marketing compliance

As with any medical marketing, we need to offer a word of caution with reference to compliance. New GMC guidelines have just been introduced forbidding procedures being offered as prizes, comprehensive record-keeping of consultations and outcomes and preventing misrepresentation of treatments. Remember to check compliance and legal guidance before planning your marketing campaign, and if you’re working with an external agency to create your film, ensure that they understand the regulations.

Get inspired: learn best practice from the best in medical aesthetics

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