A totally pointless way to spend time …

01st November 2011

A random thing to do but it’s been great fun. The team have just come back from a filming and live video streaming job that’s seen them camped on a chicken farm for three weeks.

It’s all been in the name of www.pointlessfun.com for Trident chewing gum. The entire website was full of fun and somewhat pointless games, one of which was to watch chickens on a farm and vote on things for them to do. The campaign has been run through JWT and we were asked by JACK agency to figure out how to capture the chickens on camera as they went about their business and how to let the whole world watch.

We had 3 remote control cameras and 4 fixed head cameras all feeding back to a vision mixing and encoding system which has them streamed live video to the internet for three weeks solid.

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