Video smashes Twitter advertising: top 4 tips for social ads

13th March 2019

Video content is the king of social media marketing right now. Sharing videos improves reach, engagement and ROI for both organic and paid social. The stats are compelling for Twitter video advertising too. Tweets with video attracted 10 times the engagements than tweets without. That’s according to data from Twitter, and the social platform has just released some top tips to help those starting out with video how to get ahead.

Read on to improve your Twitter advertising ROI with video.

Why use video advertising on Twitter?

Video is already a winning marketing strategy to boost organic social media. In a previous study, it was seen that video content is 6 times more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3 times more likely to be retweeted than GIFs.

But of course, to extend your social video’s reach and ensure that your brand content is seen by the right people at the right time, video activation is an essential part of your video marketing strategy today.

For Twitter, video marketing is its fastest growing advertising solution. There are 1.2bn video views on Twitter each day, which is 2x the growth in the last 12 months. As well as garnering more engagement, if you add video to promoted tweets, you’re likely to save 50% on cost per engagement according to Twitter’s data.

How to get ahead with Twitter video ads

Is your video mobile-friendly?

This is important as 93% of video views are on mobile according to Twitter data, but it’s also an easy way to up your video game. Ensure that your video looks good on mobile with clear visuals and movement.

Consider adding captions in order that people can understand the point of your video with the sound off. You can get creative with your captions to pique interest and curiosity so that your audience will take action.

Keep both the copy and the video short

The copy with the video can be just as important as the moving content. When it comes to Twitter video advertising, content with less copy has a 13% higher brand and message recall and overall view time, so keep your social copy to the point and let the video show rather than tell.

Generally, less is more for video content with shorter videos being more effective. According to previous research, 88% of consumers expect instream video ads to be less than 15 seconds and 6 seconds was the ultimate social video length. (Kantar Millward)

End on a killer call to action

According to Twitter, its Video Website Card attracts 2 x higher click-through rates than mobile video ad benchmarks. Generally, with social your content should be chatty and personal and your call to action needs to have value and be in context for people to click.

Keep things simple in your Twitter video ads and be clear about what you want your audience to do – download, join now, sign up, tweet or RT.

Focused marketing message

I would also add that it is vital to be focused on the one message that you want to convey rather than try to squeeze various messages into one video. This goes for all video content. For instream video ads, marketers need to get straight to the point. Those brands which can tell their message in the first three seconds will achieve a 13% higher message stickiness.

Are you interested in Twitter video advertising?

We hope these stats and tips from Twitter will inspire you to either make a start with social video or improve your existing campaigns. At Hurricane, we are experts in creating successful video campaigns and Twitter video ads, so do get in touch to chat more

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