How to use Pinterest for video marketing: our top 10 tips

Pinterest is all about the visual and inspiring visuals at that. But it's a mistake to think that it's just about pictures, video marketing very much has a place on Pinterest.

Mobile Phone Videos We Love – 3D Modelling and Animation

Mobile phone videos are nothing new to us at Hurricane. We've done a fair few 3D animations of mobile phones here, and we are always looking around for what other people are doing too. So read on for some mobile phone product videos we l...

Viral videos - our top 5 spoof and stunt videos

A viral video stunt to promote the new Carrie movie attracted 4 million views on its first day. The stunt or spoof video helps us to unpick just what makes video content go viral. They reveal that viral videos don't just happen by magic....

Video marketing: how can video content fly with the Google Hummingbird search?

Video marketing and how Google's new Hummingbird algorithm will affect video SEO and content marketing.

Video_edit_13_thumb New Hurricane video edit suite opens

Exciting times, our new edit suite is up and running today. Next to our current offices in the Bath Road Studios the suite is fully equipped with all the gear we need for video editing, motion graphics and 3D design. It's a break from...