Video marketing: how can video content fly with the Google Hummingbird search?

Video marketing and how Google's new Hummingbird algorithm will affect video SEO and content marketing.

Video_edit_13_thumb New Hurricane video edit suite opens

Exciting times, our new edit suite is up and running today. Next to our current offices in the Bath Road Studios the suite is fully equipped with all the gear we need for video editing, motion graphics and 3D design. It's a break from...

Content Marketing

There are a number of ways that a video campaign can be amplified, and I thought I'd run through a variety of the key techniques that are delivering results in a crowded market. This article looks at some of the buzz words around video...

The Seeding Secret of Content Marketing

How seeding is moving socially shared content like video out into the community,

Encounters_short_film_and_animation_festival_2013_thumb Trailer for Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival

The Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival is now in it's 19th year. We've been working on some films to promote this year's event and the trailer we produced is available here