Film-162086_640_thumb Using Logic and Emotion to Connect with your Audience

What does Logic and Emotion mean? To connect with an audience brands must engage viewers emotionally, if they don't care about your film they won't care about your messages.

Jeremy_thumb Meet The Team - Jeremy Bates

Meet the Hurricane Media Team, this month we're introducing Jeremy Bates.

Football-362184_640_thumb Top 5 World Cup Automotive Ads

Top 5 Automotive ads sparked off by the World Cup.

Abseil-57260_640_thumb ‘Together for Short Lives’ Charity Abseil

With Children's Hospice Week 13th-20th June, we thought it would be appropriate to get everyone together and raise some money for 'Together for Short Lives' with a charity abseil!

Football-20165_640_thumb World Cup Blog – Video is a Winner in Content Marketing

With the World Cup only a kick away, we’re wondering how businesses, large and small, will use the event to gain leverage for their brands. It got me thinking about how the skills that work on the football pitch also work for winning con...